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Internet Relay Chat (irc)

What is IRC (Internet Relay Chat) ?

The Internet chat service (Internet Relay Chat or IRC) allows its users to converse between themselves in real time, while they are connected to the Internet. One can communicate with an Australian internaut as easily as with a Montrealer. It is possible to enter in communication with any number or IRC servers, thanks to different chat programs. While looking for IRC in Yahoo, you will obtain a long list of chat software that you can download.

Accessing Internet Chat with ``MIRC``:

Users of Windows 95 and 98 can download Mirc, a special software conceived to allow Internet chat. You can easily find and download this software either in our

Once you are connected, you want to know which channels are available. To obtain a list of all the channels, type ``/list``. The names will appear little by little. Once your choice of channel is made, type ``/join#nameofchannel``. A new window will open and you will see the list of all people conversing. Read the conversations for a few seconds before participating to familiarize yourself with the subjects and the style of the speakers. When you want to intervene, type your text and press Return. Your comment will then appear on the screen.

To change channels, write ``/part#nameofchannel`` and press Return. You can learn more about your speakers by using the ``/whoisusername`` command in the command zone of your screen. If this sign ``@`` is before the user name, it means there is a robot, a mini-program which will give you answers prepared in advance.

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