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Creating / Installating your personal web page

Creating / Installing your personal web page

Thanks to the recent multitude of creation tools for Web pages, this task has almost become child’s play. To do this, all you need is a good HTML publisher. HTML (HyperText Mark-up Language) is the language in which Web pages are written. It is even possible to automatically convert text document to an HTML format document with the new version of Word in Microsoft Office 97, 2000 or XP.

Many HTML publishers can be downloaded free on the TUCOWS Internet site at the following address: .

The best advice we can give you is to study the contents of pages you have visited. Choosing the ``Options`` menu of Netscape, click on ``View Source`` and study the lines of code used to create the visual effects of a Web page. If you use Internet Explorer, you must choose the ``View`` menu and select the ``Source`` option.

Installation of Your Web Page on the Info-Internet Server

For the installation and the maintenance of your personal Web page, we recommend the ``Ws_Ftp`` software. You will find it on our web site at: Once this utility is downloaded and installed, adjust the following settings:

Your screen will be sectioned off into two parts: the left side represents the contents of your computer (local system), whereas the right side represents the contents of the directories of the Info-Internet server (remote system).

You are connected to the Info-Internet server with WS_FTP. To install your Web page, you must first locate your computer (local side). Once the directory is located, select the files to be transferred and click on the arrow leading towards the right in the middle of the screen. The transfer will be made. Make sure that your first page is called ``index.html`` or ``index.htm``.

There you are! You now have your own Web page.
To access it with the help of Netscape or Internet Explorer, type the following address:

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