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› Dial-up networking for Windows (installation)

Here are the steps to follow for the configuration for Dial-Up Networking and the network settings with Windows 95 or 98. This document refers to both the French and the English operating systems.

Please note that the steps described below are very relative. According to the configuration already done, by yourself or by Windows, the different options may already be correctly applied.

Similarly, the terms used are standard terms for the Windows environment. If you have difficulty with these terms, first examine this by using the help of Windows from the Start menu and then help.

› Step #1- Installation fo Dial-Up Networking:

First, verify if Dial-Up Networking is already installed. Double-click on the icon My Computer. If the icon Dial-Up Networking appears, go to step#2.

Otherwise, here are the necessary instructions for installation :

1. Click on the button Start/Settings/Control Pannel.

2. Double-click on the icon Add/Remove Programs.

3. Double-click on Windows Setup Folder.

4. Double-click on Communications.

5. Check off the box Dial-Up Networking and click on OK.

6. Place your Winblows CD-ROM in the drive or insert the installation of communications diskette in your diskette drive.

7. Click on OK.

8. Follow the instructions on the screen. It might be necessary to restart your computer.

› Step #2 – Creation of a New Connection:

In this step, you must create and configure a new connection with Dial-Up Networking. To start:

1. Double-click on the icon My Computer.

2. Double-click on Dial-Up Networking. If the window New Connection does not automatically open up, double-click on the icon New Connection. A software assistant will start to help you create the connection.

3. Type ``Info-internet`` in the box reserved for the name of the computer you wish to call and click on Next.

4. Key in the area code ``514`` and the telephone number of the Info-internet server ``731-1281`` or ``940-4636`` in the right boxes.

5. Change the dialing code of the country to Canada by using the arrow situated at the right of the box, and then by passing the list of countries and clicking on the Next button.

6. Click on Finish to finish.

7. You will then see a Info-Internet icon in the Dial-Up Networking window.

› Step #3 – Configuration of the Dialing Properties:

If you use the call waiting service or if your line is connected to a telephone system where you have to dial a number to attain an exterior line, you must carry out the modifications that follow in this step. If necessary, refer directly to step #4

1. Make sure that your modem is installed and functioning.

2. Double-click on the My Computer icon.

3. Double-click on the Info-Internet icon in the Connect to box, then click on Dial Properties.

If you wish to temporarily deactivate the call waiting service :

  • Click in the box which says This site has a call waiting to make a check mark appear and to activate this option. - Use the arrow of the selection box to determine the correct code to dial (generally *70,).

To reach an exterior line :

  • The use of a standard telephone line is preferable for a connection to Internet. If this is impossible, complete the section To reach an external line, first dial : inscribing the necessaty code, which is usually 9.

4. Click on OK, click on OK again and close the Control Panel. .

› Step #4 – Configuration of the Connection to the Info-Internet Server:

Now that the new connection is created, you must now configure the proper settings to the Info-Internet server.

1. With the right mouse button, click on the new icon Info-Internet. From the menu that will appear, select Properties.

2. Click on Server Type. The Type of Dial-Up Server option must be placed at ``PPP : Windows 95, Windows NT…..``

3. Make sure that the "Log onto network" box is NOT checked off, in the Advanced Options section.

4. Place a check mark in the box TCP/IP only, in the Authorized network protocols.

5. Click on the TCP/IP Settings button. The black dots have to be placed on Server assigned IP address and Specify name server address.

6. In the Primary DNS box, type````. In the Secondary DNS box, type ````. If you cannot write in these boxes, it is because you have forgotten to respect instruction.

7. Close all windows by pressing OK tree times.

› Step # 5 – Creation of a Shortcut for Info-Internet Dial-Up (Optional)

In order to accelerate and simplify your Internet access, you can create a shortcut for Info-Internet.

With the right button of your mouse, click over the Info-Internet icon. In this menu, select Create a shortcut.

In the following notice, select Yes to create a shortcut on your desktop. Now you can close Dial-Up Networking as well as My Computer.

› Step #6 – Configuration of Network Settings

Click on the button Start/Setting/Control Panel and double-click on the Network icon. If the TCP/IP à Dial-Up Adapter appears on the installed components list, refer directly on the Configuring communication protocols part. Beware ! This verification is very important to avoid any parameters conflict provoked by two identical installed.

  • Installation of Communication Protocols :

1. Click on Add and click on Protocol.

2. Click on Microsoft, select TCP/IP and click on OK. You now have TCP/IP on your main window in the network settings.

  • Configurating Communication Protocols :

1. Return to the main window of the network icon and click on TCP/IP. Then click on Properties.

2. In the IP Address tab, the ``Obtain Address Automatically`` option must be selected.

3. In DNS Configuration tab, check Disable DNS.

4. In the Wins Configuration select ``Disable wins resolution``. Click OK

5. The question Do you want to restart your computer now ? will be asked of you. Click on Yes and go to Step #7

› Step #7 – Opening / Closing Internet Session

You are now ready to get connected to the Internet. The following steps should be repeated each time there is a connection to the Internet.

1. Double-click on the Info-Internet shortcut to make the Connect to window appear OR simply open your Netscape Navigator browser to automatically open this window.

2. Make sure your user name and password are correctly entered in small letters. Click on the Connect button. Your modem will dial the telephone number of the server. Once the negotiation between the two modems is established, a window indicating `` Connected to Info-Internet`` will appear. There you are ! You can access different Internet services.

3. To end your Internet session, click on the Info-Internet icon. Click on Disconnect.

If you experience difficulties with the control of your connection, communicate with the technical service by electronic mail : or by telephone at 342-INFO (4636). It will be our pleasure to assist you.

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