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Dedicated ISDN internet connection

commercial hookup :

From local networks to single unit installations. Info-Internet offers you a complete gamut of dedicated access lines: A dedicated ISDN connection offers you the same advantages and simplicity as a dial-up account, but with even faster transfer ratios. Isdn connection is available for Montreal and surrounding areas.

Dedicated access lines are primarily targeted at frequent and/ or constant (accelerated) data transfer usages - via the Internet. Some businesses need access to high speed internet such as adsl or cable but this service is not available for their location, isdn line and connection is an excellent alternative to 56k connections.

  • Unlimited access/33.6K
  • Unlimited access /56K
  • ISDN 64K (120 hours)
  • ISDN 128K (60 hours)
  • Dedicated PPP / 56K
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  • Dedicated ISDN / 64K
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  • Dedicated / 128K
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* prices are subject to GST & PST.

Call us now @ 342- 4636 for more info.

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